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Sleeping In Vegas. Photo By David Hanjani



i can’t wait to have my own little apartment with a nice big bed underneath a huge window which catches the sunlight so i can lie there all sunday and read

i’m literally going to spend all my money furnishing my home and travelling ahhhhhhh

i could spend hours and hours shopping for furniture and homewares

what a cute sentiment. Loving the cozy vibe and open layout!

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The bedding is to die for.

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My bedroom is tiny, but it’s coming along nicely.


Weekend Design Inspiration

From Convent to Condo

This is a must-read article! A monastery is transformed into a sleek bachelor pad in Montreal’s Monkland village.

“Ecclesiastical windows and grey stone walls are among the historic architectural reminders of the fact that this Decarie Blvd. condo was once part of a cloistered convent.
Check out the superb design touch that Milaré Turgeon and Kristina Leclerc bestowed upon their client’s space.” In the spring issue of Montreal Home.



Park Slope, Brooklyn, townhouse. Ben Herzog.