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Eventually you’re going to get tired of lying to yourself about your living situation: Oh no, I’m just saving up for when I get my own place and Well I’m not really there enough for the state of it to negatively affect me. Your room is your fortress, alright? You need to start caring about what it looks like and adjusting accordingly.


I recently overcame my hideous room denial and did something about it; I got a bed frame so I could put my dirty clothes basket underneath the bed and not greeting us at the door like a slobby mcsloberrson. I got a desk with drawers that minimize the piles of paper on the floor, and I even hung artwork. *Gasp* I know, though, that if I can do it, you sure as Hell can.image

Start by assessing the damage. Here’s how:

+ Decide what the biggest problem with your room is. My room is small and is not going to get any bigger, so the obvious first issues were (A) storage and making the space I do have less junky and (B) making the room feel bigger than it is. Unlike me, my bedroom was just blessed with height that’s just begging for artwork and mirrors. Finding a place for all of the paper and dirty clothes really worked wonders.

+ Divide and conquer. Rome wasn’t built in a day. My room still isn’t finished and I began this renovation project a month ago! Figure out what monetarily makes sense and do that first. Personally, starting with what will make the biggest impact will keep you motivated to improve. Just buying frames for the artwork and hanging it made the room feel like it was more spacious, which inspired the desk next.  Best believe a mirror will be the next step.

+ Don’t settle. If there’s something that will make the room way more liveable but it isn’t feasible right now there’s no shame in waiting for it. I like to think interior design doesn’t just end, so make some lists and update gradually.

Happy room-making,

xo - Akilah


My bedroom is getting less crappy.

The bedding is to die for.

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I need that picture. 

The Best of ICFF 2013, Javits Center, NYC.


My bedroom is tiny, but it’s coming along nicely.


Weekend Design Inspiration

From Convent to Condo

This is a must-read article! A monastery is transformed into a sleek bachelor pad in Montreal’s Monkland village.

“Ecclesiastical windows and grey stone walls are among the historic architectural reminders of the fact that this Decarie Blvd. condo was once part of a cloistered convent.
Check out the superb design touch that Milaré Turgeon and Kristina Leclerc bestowed upon their client’s space.” In the spring issue of Montreal Home.